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  5. iPhone 5 fake emails harbour malware

iPhone 5 fake emails harbour malware

iPhone 5 fake emails harbour malware

A fake iPhone 5 email purportedly from Apple and seemingly offering recipients the chance to pre-order the as-yet-unannounced handset is riddled with malware, it has emerged.

Doing the rounds now, the missive features a fairly shonky mock-up of a smartphone which it dubs the ‘iPhone 5S’ – a name we’ll admit is totally new to us – and some creaky copy that could do with a good sub and polish.

In a development that might shock anyone who’s never received a scam mail (if you're that guy, get in touch), it turns out said message isn’t from Apple at all. According to Sophos, it’s instead a vessel for a Trojan virus christened Mal/Zapchas that iFans are hoodwinked into downloading when they click on an ‘order now’ box.

Should you be damn fool enough to do so, you’re opening up your Windows PC to remote access by nefarious users. Mac owners, it seems, are unaffected.

The scam is the second to come to light on the eve of a major Apple showcase event. Back in June when Apple was counting down the hours until its Worldwide Developers Conference, a scam malware-carrying email surfaced also offering pre-orders for a hitherto unreleased smartphone.

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