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Infinity Blade II now available on App Store

Infinity Blade II now available on App Store

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed action-RPG Infinity Blade is now available to download on the App Store.

Developed by ChAIR Entertainment and Epic Games, Infinity Blade II brings a whole new story campaign, along with new combat styles and advanced character customisation – not to mention even better visuals.

Without giving away too much or spoiling the premise of the original game for those who’ve yet to play it (what’s wrong with you?) – the story in Infinity Blade II uses pretty much the same concept with a slight twist. You’ll be playing as a new hero trying to find his calling in life, which turns out to be taking on multiple antagonists who are wreaking havoc in the land. If you die, you’re reborn a few months later, but older and perhaps wiser, too.

Infinity Blade 2 combat

There’s greater scope for exploration, too, and for better or worse, the characters now speak in English rather than the world’s fantasy tongue, which we thought worked quite well the first time around.

In terms of combat, in addition to the standard weapon and shield combo, you now have option to dual-wield a pair of weapons. Short-range armaments allow quick attacks, while heavier weapons such as axes and hammers deal greater damage, but are considerably slower. Without a shield you won’t have the ability to block, meaning you’ll have to rely almost entirely on offense and your ability to dodge and parry the enemies’ attacks.

All in all, Infinity Blade 2 is more of the same with some added bonus – which is quite alright with us because we enjoyed the first game to bits. If anything, it’s a technical masterpiece and if you own iPhone or iPad, you simply must have it.

Infinity Blade 2 is currently on sale on the UK App Store for £4.99.



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