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  5. iPad 3 snaps hint at thicker form factor

iPad 3 snaps hint at thicker form factor

iPad 3 snaps hint at thicker form factor

Freshly leaked images purported to be of the iPad 3 have added weight to rumours that Apple will opt for a thicker form factor for its third-generation tablet.

Snaps sourced by MICGadget showing the iPad 3 alongside an iPad 2 suggest that the upcoming tablet will be between 1mm and 1.5mm thicker at the base.

ipad 3 tapered

However, the tapering design that Apple appears to have employed means that the slate is approximately the same thickness as its predecessor closer to the top.

The decision to allow more room for parts at the base tallies with reports that Apple could be making way for a larger battery.

In turn, that feeds neatly into separate speculation that Apple will opt for a high density retina display and quad-core processor this time around - power-hungry features which would very much necessitate a juice boost.

The arrival of fresh leaks from Apple's supply chain come just weeks before the tech giant is expected to showcase the iPad 3, with all indicators now pointing to a due date around the first week of March.



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