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  5. iPad 3 could be released on March 16th

iPad 3 could be released on March 16th

iPad 3 could be released on March 16th

The third-generation Apple iPad could go on sale as early as March 16th, sources abreast of matters have claimed.

Apple is due to take the stage later today to unveil what’s all-but-confirmed to be its next tablet, unofficially dubbed the iPad 3, and more recently, the iPad HD.

According to unnamed sources cited by 9to5Mac, the iPad 3 will hit store shelves nine days from today, just like the iPad 2 when it launched last year.

Rumours about the next-gen slate have reached fever pitch in the last few days, with leaks pertaining to potential hardware features and mysterious product pages from two major US carriers adding to the mounting hype.

Alas, very little is actually known about the iPad 3. Speculation is rife that Apple may finally incorporate a high-density retina display this time around, or at least something close, while under the hood an A6 quad core processor is set to be the highlight.

Other features mooted to be on board include 4G LTE support, an improved camera and maybe – just maybe – Siri.

Stay tuned for our full coverage of developments tonight.



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