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Nokia CEO slams quad-core phones

Nokia CEO slams quad-core phones

The current crop of multi-core processor-powered smartphones aren’t worth the asking price and drain battery faster their less brawny rivals, the CEO of Nokia has claimed.

This year, top-end Android smartphones have arrived from LG and HTC toting quad-core processors for the first time ever. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to follow suit next month, as a battle between handset-makers to add processing power takes the place of the now-concluded camera megapixel wars.

stephen elop

However, while its rivals have been busy beefing up their handsets, Nokia has steadfastly stuck with single-core chipsets. And, judging by damning comments from head honcho Stephen Elop, we shouldn’t expect the Finns to join the processor race any time soon.

In an interview with Chinese daily Yangcheng, picked up on by IT Pro Portal, Elop said: "The so-called dual-core, quad-core mobile phones can only waste batteries, but not be useful for consumers all the time."

The former Microsoft man's remarks come as the company is promoting the Lumia 900 in China with a competition offering a prize of around £100 to consumers who can prove their smartphone is faster than Nokia’s at performing cross-platform tasks of the participants' choosing.

For what's it's worth, we think he might have something of a point. But also feel his claims have carried a bit more weight had the single-core Lumia 800 not been hamstrung by battery problems of its own before Nok-Nok was able to issue a fix.


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