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  5. iPad Mini & iPad 4 confirmed for 4G network EE

iPad Mini & iPad 4 confirmed for 4G network EE

iPad Mini & iPad 4 confirmed for 4G network EE

4G network EE will be ranging both Apple’s just-unveiled iPads, it has confirmed, offering UK consumers the chance to take advantage of the tablets’ super-fast mobile internet speeds.

As with Three, which has also announced plans to range the iPad Mini and iPad 4, EE has yet to confirm a due date and states only that it will start selling the new Apple kit “in the coming weeks”.

However, assuming everything goes according to the plan outlined at Apple’s launch event earlier this week, and reports of stock shortages suggest that’s far from guaranteed, EE could be taking pre-orders as early as tomorrow.

Currently EE is the sole UK carrier with a 4G network, so is would-be iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation buyers’ only option for harnessing the devices’ next-gen powers. Until next year that is, when Three will launch its own 4G proposition.

EE stated: “EE will offer these new iPads with a range of attractive data plans that will allow customers to connect to the UK’s first 4G mobile network, with speeds typically five times faster than 3G."

Both forthcoming iPads will also be available on Orange and T-Mobile, the companies united under the EE umbrella brand, on their shared 3G network.

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