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iPad Mini landing October 17th?

iPad Mini landing October 17th?

The compact and bijou iPad Mini will finally debut in a matter of days, it has been claimed, ending the long-running will-they, won’t-they saga of Apple’s move into the lower-end tablet market.

According to an unnamed Apple investor cited by Tech Fortune CNN, signs from now point to the sunny Cali-based tech giant sending out invitations to a launch on October 10th.

ipad mini leak

Going by past form, which indicates that Apple leaves a week between invitation and event, that points to a date of October 17th for the micro tablet’s grand unveiling.

Billed as Apple’s answer to the likes of the Android-powered, budget-priced Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, the iPad Mini is expected to retail at between $249-$299.

The slate’s spec sheet is likely to take in a 7.85-inch screen of the non-retina denomination. Leaks suggest it will also dispense with fripperies such as a rear-facing camera and 3G support in the cause of keeping the cost down and competing on a more level playing field with its Android rivals.


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