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  5. Libon app comes to Android, brings free calls and IM

Libon app comes to Android, brings free calls and IM

Libon app comes to Android, brings free calls and IM

Orange’s free-to-download Libon app has landed on Android, amid increasing competition for marketshare among messaging applications.

The arrival of the app, which offers free calls, instant messaging and visual voicemail and was previously exclusive to the iPhone, on Google’s platform means that users will be able communicate across the two platforms for the first time.

Alongside free HD quality, national and international voice calls between Libon users, of particular appeal is that the visual voicemail aspect of the app that works independently of the phone owner’s carrier.

This feature, which some UK networks still do not offer, lists users’ voicemails on their handset’s display to make getting up to speed with them easier and converts voice messages to text.

Libon head Giles Corbett said: “The launch of Libon on Android was an absolute must.

“It’s overtaken iOS numbers in the smartphone wars and we’re very excited to finally offer something to the thousands of users who have been asking about this.”

The advent of the Android iteration compatible with all kits running version 2.2 (Froyo) or above comes as Libon launches a revamped take on its iPhone incarnation.

Up for grabs now from the App Store, Libon Take 2.2 for iOS adds picture and voice messaging for the first time.

Find out more and download Libon at the App Store here: Libon

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