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WWDC 2013: 5 things we want to see

WWDC 2013: 5 things we want to see

WWDC 2013 kicks off on June 10th. Apple has announced it’ll be holding a keynote on the first day of the developer shindig in San Francisco, with a raft of announcements expected.

And while it’s done its best to damp down expectations about new devices, there’s still plenty of buzz about what Tim Cook will show off.

So, here’s five things we want to see at WWDC. Whether we’ll get them or not remains to be seen.

1 A rejigged iOS 7

ios homescreen

A nailed-on certainty to get an airing at WWDC. Jony Ive’s first attempt at overhauling an OS that has begun to feel a bit tired has been the subject of much speculation.

A new ‘flat’ design is widely expected to be iOS 7’s calling card, with Game Center getting a major new look, away from the shoddy gaming table design it has currently.

There’s also talk of Windows Live Tile-like info on the home screen.

With OS X developers working on the project, a beta version is expected to land in June, before a full release in the autumn.

##2 Beefed up PassBook


Part of iOS 7’s remake, but a cornerstone of Apple’s mobile future. PassBook has failed to catch the imagination of users, thanks to a lack of NFC in the current iPhone and slow take-up from airlines and shops.

Ive will likely look to change this with a redesigned app and deeper integration into the operating system as a whole.

3 Deeper social network integration

Vimeo iPhone app

With Twitter and Facebook already accessible throughout iOS, WWDC should see Vimeo and Flickr also come on board.

That means more places to shovel the content users create on their iPhones, whether its HD clips or fancy images.

This should work alongside third-party apps too, making the new iPhone software a great connected proposition.

4 Retina Display-packing iPad mini

ipad mini 2 render

Tim Cook made clear that ‘great products’ would be coming in ‘the Fall’. But we can still dream.

The iPad Mini is such a great device and a Retina Display model has long been mooted.

This would give it a massive edge over its rivals, all the while keeping the shape and design which has helped it become a best-seller.

5 Budget iPhone

Alleged budget iPhone plastic rear shell

An outside bet, but Apple desperately needs to get this most hyped of gadgets into people’s hands.

Not only to help it in its fight against Samsung, but to give the rumour mill a breather too.

The plastic-shelled device is expected to pack similar specs to the iPhone 4S when it does eventually launch.

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