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12-inch iPad set for March 2014 release?

12-inch iPad set for March 2014 release?

Apple will release a larger iPad in March next year. That’s according to a report from Chinese website Pad News, which has gleaned the information from Cupertino’s supply chain.

Word is that Foxconn is currently testing two different, upscaled iPads. One packs an 11.4-inch display, while the other rocks an even larger 12.9-inch screen.

Stories about a larger iPad, or iPad Pro as some have started calling it, have been knocking around since early summer.

Back then, The Wall Street Journal carried a story about Apple’s plans for such a device, although key analysts have since suggested that the amped-up slate could just be something Apple tests and never launches.

With the trend towards smaller tablets, Apple would seemingly be aiming a 12-inch iPad at a niche set of customers who are focused on productivity.

Sales of iPads were relatively flat in the last quarter, with Apple’s reliance on the iPhone to make more than 50% of its money (according to investors) showing that the tablet is not the cash cow that many perceive it to be.

A new form factor may be just what's needed to entice new customers and boost sales.



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