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Nokia Android plans killed off

Nokia Android plans killed off

Nokia has stopped working on its so–called Normandy Android phone project. The news comes from sources speaking with Chinese tech site C-Technology, who claim that Espoo is instead focusing on more futuristic tech.

Plans for Normandy, a device using a ‘forked’ version of Android aimed at emerging markets where the company’s Asha phones have already proved popular, emerged earlier this week.

However, sources are saying that Nokia’s Chief Technology Office (CTO), which was developing the phone, is shifting its focus to wearable kit such as smart glasses, as well as wireless charging kit.

Interestingly, it’s believed that Microsoft did not tell Nokia to call time on the Google–based blower. Nokia’s CTO is one of the few parts of the Finnish firm which is not being sold to the Redmond–based company, but is bound by an agreement not to make phones or tablets under the Nokia brand name for two years.

Nokia’s devices and services businesses will come fully under control of Microsoft early in the new year, after the takeover deal was approved by regulators in Europe and the United States.

Source Unwired View

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