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Spotify app downloads boom

Spotify app downloads boom

Spotify has revealed that there has been a boom in downloads of its multi–platform smartphone app. The rise in mobile users comes just a couple of weeks after the streaming service revealed it was offering free access to mobile users for the first time.

While it hasn’t revealed specific figures, the Swedish company said it had seen a four–fold increase in downloads since its announcement at the start of December.

Previously, only those paying £9.99 a month for Spotify’s Premium service were able to listen to tunes on–the–go. Its free service on mobile works just like it does on the desktop – serving up ads in between a set number of songs, with no offline access.

Spotify’s last official user numbers had premium subscribers pegged at six million. That was back in March, so that stat is likely to have increased. However, with new free access on phones, will the service be able to maintain the growth of its paid–for services? Hopefully we’ll get some concrete answers in the new year.

Source CNet

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