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iWatch: No solar battery at launch

iWatch: No solar battery at launch

Apple will use so–called ‘stepped’ batteries supplied by LG Chem and not solar power in its forthcoming first-gen iWatch, according to sources cited by The Korea Herald.

Reports earlier this week suggested Apple is testing solar power for the iWatch.

However, the Korea Herald today reports that the company has instead alighted on a more traditional method, despite fears that battery life for the watch wouldn’t be sufficient for long use.

Stepped batteries are layered and are said to be 16% more energy efficient. Apple will be hoping that they can help the iWatch keep ticking for longer than rival efforts from Samsung and Sony.

The paper also suggests that Apple may not utilise a flexible display, saying it would be too big for users’ wrists and could cause discomfort.

The iWatch is expected to launch in autumn. Low–powered Bluetooth and an array of fitness features are expected to complete an impressive spec sheet.


The Korea Herald

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