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  5. iOS 7.1 comes with in-app warning message

iOS 7.1 comes with in-app warning message

iOS 7.1 comes with in-app warning message

Apple has included a new warning message about in-app purchases as part of its new iOS 7 update, in response to controversy over kids inadvertently racking up huge bills.

Users who have downloaded and installed iOS 7.1 will now receive a pop-up notification when they make their first in-app purchase.

The missive reads: “You can now make additional purchases in any app for the next 15 minutes without reentering your password. To change this, tap Settings and go to Restrictions.”

Although the message is new, it appears Apple has not changed the way in which in–app purchases work.

The 15-minute window has been a bone of contention with parents stung by huge bills after children unwittingly bought extra content on iPhones and iPads.

It’s also not clear whether this new warning will pass muster with the the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has ordered Apple to make significant changes to its in–app purchasing system by March 31st.

Reports last week suggested this would involved Apple having to ask for a password every time a user wanted to buy additional app content.

Apple has already been ordered to repay $32 million to those who have fallen foul of its lax in–app policy.



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