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  5. iOS 8: homescreen photos leak online, show Healthbook app icon

iOS 8: homescreen photos leak online, show Healthbook app icon

iOS 8: homescreen photos leak online, show Healthbook app icon

Snaps of the next major iteration of Apple’s iDevice operating system have apparently leaked online, giving us our first glimpse of what to expect when it drops later this year.

The images, which come to us from a Weibo site user in China and were brought to wider attention by 9to5 Mac, show a homescreen with slightly tweaked app icons. You’d need to be very eagle-eyed indeed to notice the squarer icons and rounded edges, though.

Much more interesting is the appearance of some new apps, which appear to confirm some of the rumours doing the rounds about future Apple devices.

So present and correct is the Healthbook fitness app, which is expected to be front and centre on the iWatch smartwatch. A close look reveals a ‘heart’ as one of the three icons, suggesting a heart-rate monitor will be on board. The 'fire' icon, meanwhile, must refer to calorie-burning/counting.

ios 8 leak

Also in evidence are TextEdit, Preview and Tips apps, all of which are proprietary applications that are entirely new to iOS. While the former is surely a Note-taking application and Tips is probably intended as a 'welcome-to-your-new-phone' user guide to the new OS, the Preview’s app’s function is less clear.

The smart money, however, is surely on something along the lines of the OS X feature that shares its name and allows users to scan the contents of documents without opening them.

The leaked snaps have surfaced a full three months before iOS 8’s expected arrival at Apple’s WWDC event in June.

Earlier this month, Apple issued an update for the divisive current-gen iOS 7 software that adds the CarPlay in-car control system, as well as more natural-sounding UK Siri voices and some minor bug fixes.



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