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Amazon's smartphone render leaks

Amazon's smartphone render leaks

We've seen what purports to be Amazon's smartphone before. But today we've clocked the first official-looking image of the handset, ahead of its putative release later this year.

It comes to us courtesy of BGR, which leaked the previous pics. The Boy Genius chaps have also previously revealed a ton of info about the device.

As you can see, Amazon's effort isn't in a case as it was in previous pics. From behind, it looks a bit like the Nexus 4 and has a chamfered bezel.

What looks like a home button sits below the screen. You can see volume buttons and a SIM card slot on the side, plus a microUSB port at the bottom.

On the screen is the Kindle ebook store, so unfortunately it doesn't reveal anything about what kind of software Amazon has planned.

But it's surely bound to follow the Kindle Fire's lead and run Amazon's Fire OS – a forked version of Android – but it's pretty certain to have some unique features too.

The device is said to have head tracking skills that mean you navigate the menu by tilting the phone. It's also said to have unique 3D-esque graphics that promise something genuinely new.

We shouldn't have long to wait to find out. Amazon is rumoured to announce the device next month, though it won't go on sale until the autumn.

Amazon has a habit of releasing devices – like the Kindle Fire and Fire TV – in the US before the UK, so there's a chance us Brits won't see it before Christmas. But let's hope it hits these shores before then.



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