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iPad Air 2: Five things we know so far

iPad Air 2: Five things we know so far

It’s been a while coming. However, after months of feasting on iPhone 6 rumours, we’re finally getting some juicy iPad Air 2 morsels to chew over.

The tittle tattle hasn’t reached the same levels of fever pitch as that surrounding Apple’s new phone, but there’s plenty to be getting on with.

So, what do we know already? And does the next–gen full scale iPad sound like it’s worth waiting for? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 Going for gold

ipad air 2 rear shell

When the first tales of a gold iPhone emerged last year, everyone scoffed.

Then Apple unleashed a champagne coloured handset and the world went potty for it.

Never ones to miss a trick, Tim Cook and co have got plans for bringing the same hue to the new iPad Air, with a leaked snap from China showing the slate’s rear shell clad in gold.

It looks the part and is bound to have a few Apple fanatics weighing-up an upgrade.

2 Touch ID included

ipad air 2 home button touch id

A dummy model of the iPad Air 2, snapped recently, showed the device with a Touch ID button rather than the standard issue Apple home key.

That tallies with recent analyst claims that Apple has massively upped production of the security component as it looks to expand its use from the iPhone 5S to other iOS kit.

The move makes sense. Apple revealed at its WWDC event that it was going to let developers utilise Touch ID in third party apps.

Why exclude the iPad from the party?

3 Speaker changes

apple beats deal official

The same snap that showed the iPad Air 2’s gold looks also gave away another key detail: Its new-look speaker grille.

Larger than before, it now takes up almost the entire bottom of the tablet.

Of course, there’s no news on what the speaker component itself looks like, but this clue suggests Apple is going to beef up the sound - perhaps with the help of Beats by Dre audio tech.

Great if you don’t want to use an external speaker. Not so good for those who value peace and quiet on long train journeys.

4 A8 chip

a8 processor mock up

The iPad Air 2 is heavily rumoured to be using a new A8 system on a chip.

This would make it one of the most powerful tablets out there.

Word is Samsung will be making the chip for Apple and will be clocked to a high speed of around 2Ghz.

That should mean opening and using apps is even snappier than the current model.

5 November launch

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

A specific launch date for the iPad Air 2 is unclear. And while analysts reckon Apple may launch the device in the third quarter, that seems unlikely with the iPhone 6 and iWatch dominating proceedings.

More likely is a November release, especially as this tallies with previous iPad launches.

Either way, it’ll be out well before the Christmas rush, doubtless ending up under a few trees come December 25th.

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