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Moto X+1 press shots leaked

Moto X+1 press shots leaked

Motorola’s Moto X+1 has starred in a newly leaked press shot, two weeks before it’s due to get the official nod at an event in Chicago.

The image, released by renowned pre-release gadget-getter @evleaks (despite his recent retirement), shows off Moto’s plans in clear detail. There’s a wooden–backed model, a dual flash and front–facing speaker, with stock Android on board to boot.

There have been a string of recent Moto X+1 leaks in recent weeks, but this is the first to offer more than a blurry glimpse of a phone that's due to succeed the superb Moto X, launched last year.

Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, will hand over the final, official details on September 4th, at the same time as Samsung shows off its new Galaxy Note 4 in Berlin.

It’s a bold move by Motorola to lift the lid on its new flagship at the same time as a key rival, but one which may just pay off if the handset is as good as its predecessor.



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