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Apple Watch release date: Why March makes sense

Apple Watch release date: Why March makes sense

The Apple Watch release date is looking increasingly like it’s going to happen in March.

After one report at the start of the New Year suggested Cupertino would be training up retail staff on the ins and outs of the smartwatch in February, ahead of a March release, now a new story has surfaced about Apple’s plans.

It comes from Ming Chi Kuo, the analyst known for having impeccable credentials when it comes to predicting Apple’s next move.

He reckons that March is nailed-on for an Apple Watch release, with Tim Cook and co serving up more details on the device’s specs just before it hits the shelves.

Apple is staying coy and has stuck with its ‘early 2015’ timeframe ever since the watch was first officially seen last autumn.


However, March makes sense, and for one big reason: Mobile World Congress.

The annual gathering of the mobile world’s biggest players usually takes place in February.

This year, though, it kicks off in Barcelona on March 2nd.

Every major company, except Apple, is expected to be present.

In recent years, many have chosen to hold separate launch events for key products, but 2015 looks set to be different.

samsung galaxy s6 concept gizmodo

Samsung is thought to be readying its Galaxy S6 and much–touted Orbis smartwatch for the show.

HTC could show off its new M9, while new Lumia kit from Microsoft and Sony’s Xperia Z4 are also likely to make an appearance.

MWC is the biggest tech event in the calendar these days.

CES’s big tellies and countless small-time products don’t capture the imagination like they used to.

apple watch big blue

The world is obsessed with all things mobile and MWC caters for that in abundance.

In that light, it makes total sense for Apple to try and gazump the event and, in the process, upstage all of its competitors in the process.

Mainstream media is far more attuned to what Apple has planned than Samsung and HTC.

And that attention is what the Cupertino company craves.

Apple has previous in this regard. In 2007, when CES was still relevant, Apple revealed the first iPhone at the Macworld event in San Francisco in the same week.

Vegas emptied out and all anyone could talk about was Apple’s game-changing device.

Fast forward eight years and it’s easy to see why such an approach could be appealing to Apple.

Why buy a Samsung smartwatch, it’ll say, when you can get an Apple one instead?

apple watch edition

Even if Apple opts for a later March launch date, it’ll still be able to take plenty of attention from its rivals.

The iPad launch in 2010, just weeks after Microsoft and HP’s mortifying reveal of their own ‘Slate’, showed that Apple can garner more headlines and hype than any of its competitors.

If March is when we see the Apple Watch finally hit shelves, don’t be surprised if every other tech story gets lost in all the excitement.

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