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  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be waterproof, say sources

Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be waterproof, say sources

Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be waterproof, say sources

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 won’t share the water-resistant properties of the current-generation Galaxy S5, reports suggest, bucking the trend for phone-makers to offer water-resistance as standard on top-end handsets.

The Galaxy S5 features IP67 certification, meaning it can submerged in up to 3.2 metres of water for up 30 minutes and come out right as rain. That's broadly in line with Sony's Xperia, which boasted an rating of 68.

However, by including this feature in the S5, it’s thought that Samsung inadvertently blurred the lines between its flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, and its tough-phone variant, the Galaxy S5 Activ.

Apparently, so keen is the tech giant to avoid its oft-cited mistake of confusing customers with too many similar variants of its Galaxy models, this time it’s planning to reserve waterproof smarts for the Galaxy S6 Active.

This altogether more robust take on the S6 will be along later in the year and won't drop in March when the standard edition is launched at Mobile World Congress, claim sources cited by Italian site Webtrek.

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Adding a veneer of credibility to the story is that Samsung is on record with plans to cut its selection of phones by 30% this year, after admitting its ‘flood-the-market’ approach wasn’t terribly well advised.

News of the Galaxy S6’s spec sheet follows earlier rumours that it will also be home to a 20-megapixel camera and a curved screen that may or may not be a lush 2K number.

Samsung is also purported to have opted for a premium glass and metal construction, in response to criticism of the ‘cheap-feeling’ plastic build of the Galaxy S5.



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