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Google launches Android for Work

Google launches Android for Work

Google has officially launched Android for Work, almost nine months after first unveiling plans for the service.

The new, professional take on the Big G’s mobile platform lets you use personal and work information on a single device.

The secure work profile means that sensitive data cannot be accessed by anyone outside your company and your personal chatter about colleagues on social media and text remains private too.

Android for Work has a suite of dedicated business apps, which includes email, contacts and calendars, including vital support for Microsoft Exchange.

There’s also a Google Play for Work service so businesses can serve up secure apps to workers’ phones and tablets.

Google has got some big names from the world of enterprise on board, including Cisco, BlackBerry and Adobe.

Key manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung and LG have all said they’ll support the service too.

Android for Work is only native to the latest Lollipop edition of the software, meaning you’ll need it to create a profile that works across your handset.

However, Google is also releasing an Android for Work app for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and higher, which IT departments will be able to control.


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