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iOS 8.2: Five things you need to know

iOS 8.2: Five things you need to know

Apple's next operating system is almost ready.

Titled iOS 8.2, it's already in the hands of developers, and promises to bring a bunch of new features to us punters.

But what exactly will it do? And when can we get our hands on it?

Join us as we run down everything you need to know.

1 It'll get your phone ready for the Apple Watch

apple watch big blue

The main reason for a software update is to get your device ready for the Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed the firm's first wearable will be released in April.

As such, the Cupertino company needs to make sure its devices play nice.

9to5Mac recently revealed there will be a panel inside the Bluetooth settings menu specifically for pairing your device with the Apple Watch.

It's rumoured that your phone will do a lot of the processing in order to save the watch's battery life. Though the wearable will only last a day between charges.

iOS 8.2 will also support Apple's WatchKit, a toolkit that lets coders test apps for the Apple Watch. But that's not all...

2 It will have its own Apple Watch companion app

apple watch edition

This was revealed within the iOS 8.2 beta. The companion app manages settings for Apple Watch apps, plus settings for interaction between it and your iPhone.

Using the companion app, you'll be able to manage and organise apps on the Watch's homescreen via a virtual view on your iPhone and customise your watch's face with your initials.

You'll also be able to add a red dot when you get a notification, follow a stock in the background and more.

3 It's coming in March

2015 calendar

iOS 8.2 is currently in its fifth beta. Previous iterations of Apple's operating system have gone as high as seven betas, so iOS 8.2 isn't far off.

Current rumours say it will launch in March sometime. That would make sense, with the Apple Watch set to touch down in April.

We're also expecting an announcement about Apple Pay around the same time, and maybe even word on the iPad Pro.

4 Developers are already playing with it

ios 8 iphone 6 reachability

Indeed, developers have already got their hands on it.

Apple released the latest beta last week, so developers can tweak their apps and make sure everything is hunky dory.

5 It will fix bugs

ios 8.1.3

As with all other software updates, iOS 8.2 will fix a few bugs as well.

iOS 8 has had a bumpy rollout, with some versions actually introducing more bugs.

Apple recently launched iOS 8.1.3, which was a lot more stable than previous versions.

Let's hope that Apple Watch compatibility doesn't bring a whole new set of headaches.

Other than that, Apple hasn't said what's new. Its release notes don't give too much away either. Roll on March...

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