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  5. Apple Watch: How Cupertino is making the watch seem more popular than it is

Apple Watch: How Cupertino is making the watch seem more popular than it is

Apple Watch: How Cupertino is making the watch seem more popular than it is

There’s no denying Apple is smart when it comes to marketing.

This is a company that manages to convince millions of consumers that its kit is more cutting-edge than its rivals when often its products come later and feature fewer adventurous features than those of its competitors.

Steve Jobs was a renowned master marketeer.

And wherever he is now, he’ll doubtless be applauding his company’s efforts in making its latest product, the Apple Watch, seem as if it’s the only product anyone could ever possibly want.

apple watch apps

The methods Apple is employing are varied.

There’s the plan to have a separate, private area for those buying the £8,000-plus Apple Watch Edition, with a 24-hour concierge service and private video conference set-up thrown in.

Then, there’s its move to stop walk–in sales of the Apple Watch, revealed over the weekend.

This means users will have to either make a ‘product reservation’ online and then come in to buy, or try one on in–store and then order one via Apple’s website.

Chuck in rumours about not being able to swap an Apple Watch’s band in–store and you’ve got a perfect recipe for Apple to talk about its smartwatch’s exclusivity.

That inevitably creates both headlines and envy, something which it hopes will help drive sales.

apple store queue

It also shows that Apple is looking to make the watch far more popular than it’s likely to be.

Sure, sales will be impressive at the start.

But don’t expect anything like the rush for the latest iPhone.

This is all about Apple creating a new niche and showing itself off as a fashion player as well as a tech one.

It’s likely Apple won’t be too fussed about major sales, as long as it gets the ‘right’ ones.

That is, lovers of luxury who are happy to rid themselves of thousands for a device that will be out of date within two years.

As a marketing strategy, it’s very smart. No one can stop talking about the Apple Watch, even if they’re not sure about getting one.

apple watch in use

By creating a buzz, Apple has made it seem like everyone wants one, when in fact most consumers are still confused.

Wearables are still a nascent category and one which doesn’t offer the same simplicity as a smartphone.

There’s still a geekiness attached. This is something Apple’s trying to blitz.

But with all these tricks, it seems to know that it won’t be selling tens of millions of smartwatches just yet.

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