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iPad Pro could come with USB–C

iPad Pro could come with USB–C

Apple’s heavily tipped iPad Pro could feature a USB–C or additional Lightning port, a series of leaked images of a dummy device suggest.

The pics, shared on Chinese social network Weibo, show a dummy iPad Pro with an unexplained port on the side.

This has led Apple watchers to speculate that Cupertino could be adding improved Lightning connectivity for a growing array of accessories, or even USB–C.

USB–C is the standard being used by Apple in its controversial new MacBook, which ditches traditional USB ports altogether.

The laptop has come in for plenty of criticism since it launched earlier this month, with some claiming Apple has produced a device that lacks connectivity.

Adding USB–C to the iPad Pro would give Apple the chance to sell compatible accessories for both the new tablet and its new MacBook.

The dummy model appears to have been made for case manufacturers, as they try to second-guess Apple’s plans.

The iPad Pro has appeared in a series of rumours over the last year. Word is it’ll pack a 12.2–inch screen, Touch ID, an Apple A8X chipset and stylus support.

The tablet is not expected to make an official appearance until later in 2015.



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