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Apple WWDC 2015: Five things to expect

Apple WWDC 2015: Five things to expect

Apple has confirmed that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in the second week of June.

Events will kick off on Monday June 8th, most likely with Tim Cook and the executive team taking to the stage to deliver a keynote to the assembled masses.

So, what can we expect? A new iPhone?

A music streaming service? Or just a few tweaks around the edge of iOS?

Read on and we’ll tell you what we reckon will be outed in a couple of months’ time.

1 iOS 9

ios 9

Nailed on. Apple has updated the world on its plans for iOS at WWDC for years and there’s no reason to suspect this year will be any different.

Little is known about just what is planned for the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone and iPad platform, but there are likely to be one or two major additions.

Last year saw Health take centre stage, while 2013 witnessed a major overhaul of iOS’s design.

Don’t expect anything on the scale of the latter, although chances are Apple will out a version of iOS for Apple TV which brings apps and games to its much-maligned set top box.

2 WatchKit

apple watchkit

Currently, Apple’s WatchKit developer tools for its new smartwatch are extremely limited.

Basically, you need an iPhone to complete even the most basic of tasks.

However, with the Apple Watch set to hit shelves at the end of next week and attention already turning to Apple’s plans for future versions, changes to WatchKit are likely.

Expect to see greater control ceded to the watch itself, allowing devs to create more interesting apps which don’t rely so much on the iPhone.

That means more dynamic touch controls and hopefully some slicker animations and transitions.

3 HomeKit

homekit app

Apple has been quietly going about its business with HomeKit. But this year should finally see a slew of products certified for use with the in-home developer tools.

WWDC will hopefully see companies working with Apple detail how they envisage allowing users to control appliances and utilities with their iPhones and iPads.

It feels as if HomeKit has been threatening to go big for ages, so maybe now is the time we’ll see more.

4 CarPlay

carplay ios 7.1

Like HomeKit, CarPlay has been sidelined in recent months.

Apple’s in-car tools for iPhone were supposed to be mainstream by now, but like rival Android Auto, they’ve been forgotten by many.

Apple will hopefully show off safer ways to use CarPlay and explain when it’ll be seen in more cars.

5 Music streaming

beats music streaming

Apple’s relaunched version of Beats Music is set to be the headline event of WWDC. It’s said to form part of the forthcoming iOS 8.4 update, which has just gone out to developers.

A new music app, already unearthed by Apple fanatics, is said to play home to the service.

Apple is thought to be readying a paid-for only platform, costing £9.99, the same as big name rival Spotify.

There are also thought to be major plans for iTunes Radio, with Radio 1’s Zane Lowe leaving the BBC to work with Apple on the project in California.

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