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EE Power Bar: how to claim it, delays and everything you need to know

EE Power Bar: how to claim it, delays and everything you need to know

EE is touting its EE Power customer reward scheme, initially announced earlier this month, as quite literally bringing 'power to the people'.

But what’s behind that natty slogan? How do you claim the Power Bar that you'll need to get involved? And would '70s tinpot revolutionary Citizen ‘Power to the People’ Smith approve of his catchphrase being co-opted?

Read on and we tell you everything you need to know.

How to claim your EE Power Bar if you’re a mobile phone customer

ee iphone 6

To get your EE Power Bar, you just need to text POWER to 365.

You’ll be then be sent a code which you can redeem against a free Power Bar at an EE store.

The redemption code isn’t time-limited. So if you get one today, you can take EE up on the offer whenever you like.

You should be mindful, however, that although there's no charge for sending your text, a 35p charge applies for the code EE will send to you.

How to claim your EE Power Bar if you’re a broadband customer

ee dongle

Mobile broadband customers still claim by sending a text message. But must send it using EE’s Mobile Broadband connection software.

Once you've fired it up, you can text Power to 365 to get your redemption code to take into a store.

Once again, a 35p charge applies for the cost of the text EE sends out containing the redemption code.

Fixed line broadband customers have to text JOIN and their EE landline number to 60005. They’ll then be given a set of instructions to follow.

Are there any exceptions to qualify for a free EE Power Bar?

if your name's not down

All new and existing customers with 30-day or 12-month,18-month and 24-month plans qualify for a free EE Power Bar. That goes if you're on EE or its retired sister brands, Orange and T-Mobile.

If you’re a pay as you go customer, you’re not frozen out either. But you’ll need to have been with EE for three months or more to qualify.

What about non-EE customers?

sim cards colours

They can get involved too. But a charge of £20 applies for the Power Bar.

Expect delays

In a clear sign of just how much of a bugbear weak battery life is to consumers and how much demand there is for a solution, on the day of launch (April 16th) EE customers are reporting delays in receiving their redemption code by text.

However, EE has pledged that this should only be a matter of hours. So you won't have long to sit tight.


EE was positively inundated with demand for the Power Bar on its launch weekend. If you've got a code but haven't yet got the unit, you're being prioritised and EE is pledging to get your Power Bar to you as soon as possible.

However, if you haven't yet got a code, you're being asked to reapply from June 24th when EE fires the gun on phase two of its rollout.

You can find out more about how allocation will work from hereon in right here.

How the EE Power Bar scheme works

ee store inside

A fully juiced up Power Bar contains enough charge for a full phone charge. EE estimates it takes four hours to fully juice up the battery.

You can then either keep the Power Bar charged at home (it’s guaranteed to be good for 500 charges) and keep it on your person.

Or if you run out of charge while you’re out and about, you can just take the Power Bar into an EE store and exchange your spent Power Bar for a fully charged one. It's completely gratis to do so.

Which phones are compatible?

The Power Bar comes with a generic USB connector, which fits most handsets. But if you want to use it on an iPhone, you'll need to ensure you bring your Lightning Connector with you.

EE is now recalling all Power Bars. Read all about why and what you can do in our guide: EE Power Bar recall

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