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Nokia phones set for 2016 return

Nokia phones set for 2016 return

Nokia looks set to release new smartphones in 2016, despite the Finnish company selling its devices and services business to Microsoft in 2013.

Two inside sources, speaking with Recode, claim that Nokia will return to the handset game once its agreement with Microsoft comes to an end.

The deal prevents the Finns from selling phones using the Nokia name until the end of 2015.

Exactly what these phones will offer remains unclear. Microsoft now owns the Lumia smartphone brand, so using the ailing Windows Phone platform seems unlikely.

With Nokia already offering its Zlauncher for Android devices, there’s every chance it could look to Google’s OS to keep its new phones ticking.

Nokia’s N1 tablet already does so. However, a new smartphone is tougher sell for Nokia, especially as it spent years trailing in the wake of Apple and Samsung before admitting defeat and selling up.

Nokia Technologies is apparently set to be the division that drives the creation of the new phone.

It’s said to have been developing a series of cutting-edge devices even while Nokia’s now defunct devices arm worked on Windows products with Microsoft.



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