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Motorola exec: We’re a start up

Motorola exec: We’re a start up

Motorola has been reborn in the last few years and now feels more like a start-up than a company that's nearly a century-old, according to Chief Marketing Officer Adrienne Hayes.

Motorola, which was formed in 1928, has just launched its new line-up of mobile phones, with the 5.7-inch Moto X Style edition, a Play edition with a 5.5-inch screen and a revamped entry-level Moto G.

The new edition of the Moto G is the first in the range to be released since the company was acquired by Lenovo. It was previously owned by Google.

Hayes told uSwitch Tech: "The way I think about it is that Moto is a start up. We were completely reborn in 2013.

"Yes, the brand has been around for a while, but that's not how we think internally. We think of ourselves as a scrappy, nimble start-up."

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She added: "We're only two years old; we are doing a lot of good things for the position we are in.

"That's continued growth, and continue consumer love - that is what we are trying to earn, day in day out.

"This new line of products helps to do that."

The Moto G went on sale yesterday, with the fresh takes on the Moto X due to hit retail over the course of the next few months, where they're likely to encounter fierce competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Sony.

Time will tell if the improvements over the last generations are enough to stand out.

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