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Microsoft Cortana lands on Android

Microsoft Cortana lands on Android

Microsoft has confirmed the launch of its Cortana virtual assistant on Google Android. The service is now available to Android phone-owners as part of a public beta.

Microsoft is pushing the service as an extension of Cortana on Windows 10, which it launched to critical acclaim earlier this year.

The voice-activated app is able to conduct web searches, set reminders and track essential calendar information, all with the option to start tasks on one device and finish it on another. The PC to smartphone relationship is certainly smart.

There are differences between the Android edition and native Windows version, though. For starters, you can’t fire up an Android device and make a request by saying ‘Hey Cortana’.

However, Microsoft states that you can set up a shortcut to Cortana, letting you simply press the home button for quick access.

The public beta is US-only for now, but there are plans to launch in other countries. An iOS version of Cortana is also due to launch later this year.



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