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  5. Google Pixel C Android tablet is official

Google Pixel C Android tablet is official

Google Pixel C Android tablet is official

Just as we thought, Google unveiled a new tablet alongside its new Nexus phones last night.

The Google Pixel C is its attempt to derail the iPad Pro. It has a 10.2-inch screen with a pixel per inch count of 308ppi.

Unlike previous Google Pixel products, it runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, rather than the firm's Chrome OS.

Aesthetically, it looks very similar to previous Pixel notebooks, with an all-metal build. It also only features Google branding, so you won't see any third-party logos here.

Inside is an Nvidia X1 chip and a Maxwell GPU. Which should make for desktop-style gaming performance.

It also has 3GB of RAM, which is up there with the best smartphones and tablets around. Though some are now pushing 4GB.

The keyboard flips down and attaches to the back of the Pixel C, Microsoft Surface-style, so you can use it as a tablet or a laptop, depending on what you're doing.

Also like the Surface, it powers the keyboard inductively, so it doesn't need charging.

It sports the USB Type-C port which is on more and more mobile devices nowadays.

The Pixel C will go on sale before Christmas. There's no word on UK pricing yet, but in the US the 32GB model will cost $499 and the 64GB $599.

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