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iOS 9 available from 6pm today in UK

iOS 9 available from 6pm today in UK

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners can look forward to a slew of fresh features today, with the arrival of the iOS 9 edition of Apple’s operating system.

The new take on the platform brings with it a smarter version of the voice commands app Siri that learns from your behaviour and past habits a la Google Now. It promises to be much more helpful from hereon in. As digital assistants go, anyway.

It’s also home to a News App with stories curated by Apple and adds live wallpapers, a revamped keyboard and tighter security.

Perhaps the most welcome improvement of all, though, is that iOS 9 will elongate battery life too. Although it's worth noting that the most significant boosts are likely to be for newer-gen devices.

ios 9 ipad split screen

On paper at least, you’ll be able to download iOS 9 from 6pm tonight. But as is the established form, expect a real scrum to actually get hold of it and a wait time that’s many times longer than you’d experience if you bide your time until next week.

Naturally, given the size of the download, we recommend you use a Wi-Fi connection, lest you tear through your mobile internet usage allowance.

To join the fun you’ll need an iPhone 4S or above. The iPad version, which also adds split-screen multi-tasking smarts, is available for the iPad 2 or newer and the iPad mini.

If you want to get involved with an iPod Touch, you’ll need a fifth-gen edition.

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