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  5. iPhone 6S: why it's a winning new device that offers much for upgraders

iPhone 6S: why it's a winning new device that offers much for upgraders

iPhone 6S: why it's a winning new device that offers much for upgraders

Apple’s new handset looks sharp, but if you’ve got last year’s phone, keep hold of your cash.

Apple’s new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S pretty much lived up to the expectations laid upon them by six months of hefty rumour mongering.

The design remains the same, but as with every ‘S’ upgrade it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

This time it was all about the faster A9 chipset, the improved 12 megapixel camera and, perhaps most of all, the new 3D Touch tool.

The latter, a take on the Force Touch tech found in the Apple Watch and MacBook, had promised to be something of a gimmick, something that wouldn’t make much difference to the overall picture.

iphone 6s launch pricing

A neat feature to tide users over until something all–new in 2016.

In fact, 3D Touch is a surprisingly sharp addition that promises to fundamentally change the way the iPhone works.

Its tap, mini tap and full tap options allow users to access a new tool called ‘peek and pop’. Ostensibly, this cuts out having to trawl through menus to open key features within apps.

Hold down on the camera app icon and you’ll be offered options to take a selfie or shoot a video.

Hold down on Facebook and you can check–in or update your status without having to tap and swipe, making things far snappier.

This feature works within apps too, as Apple showed with Messages, allowing users the chance to quickly check mail or get speedy options for responding to missives.

iphone 6s launch force touch

While these plans have been talked about for some time, with sources revealing details ahead of schedule, the reality of it is much cooler than anticipated.

It changes how iOS works on a base level, ending the days of opening apps to access key information, or having to tap, swipe and remember the quickest way to get to the content required.

These shortcuts make iOS feel a lot quicker and cleaner than it did before. The animations look crisp and make Apple’s platform stand apart from Android Marshmallow.

If you’ve got an iPhone 5s or older Android device, then this alone means the iPhone 6S is worth upgrading to. If you’re packing last year’s iPhone 6, then hang tight.

Next year’s phone will likely offer a more refined 3D Touch experience and 2014’s edition is hardly a second rate smartphone anyway.

Elsewhere, the improved camera looks good, although the megapixel count remains way down compared to rivals.

iphone 6s forcetouch

The bolstered lens tech and new live photos function, however, should provide snap happy fanatics plenty of reason to upgrade from older devices, even if the latter means your storage space will be gone within weeks if you buy a 16GB model.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the Retina Flash tool for taking selfies too, Apple utilising the iPhone 6S’s screen to light up three times brighter when using the front facing camera.

These features aren’t exactly game changers like 3D Touch and they suggest Apple is waiting for the big one next year. That’s the way it goes with ‘S’ updates.

If your two years is up, it’s hard to imagine there being a better smartphone you’ll be able to buy in the next six months at least. If you’re only a year in, then save your pennies for another 12 months.

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