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  5. A waterproof iPhone 7, you say? We weigh up the chances

A waterproof iPhone 7, you say? We weigh up the chances

A waterproof iPhone 7, you say? We weigh up the chances

Considering the iPhone 6s is barely three months old, the rumour mill around future iPhones is gathering a huge amount of momentum.

Much of this has been carried by stories about a new 4–inch iPhone 6C, which is said to be pegged for release in spring next year.

And while that may excite, it’s the more out–there tales of Apple’s plans for the iPhone 7 that have really captured the imaginations of tech fanatics.

Perhaps the most interesting of these tidbits is the latest. Apple has filed a patent for a new waterproofing technique for future iPhones.

Using a ‘self–healing elastomer’ inside a port, scubas the iPhone’s Lightning connector, Apple says it will be able to prevent liquid from entering a device.

The elastomer would only be breached when a cable is inserted into the phone.

Of course, patents don’t always translate to the real world. But there’s plenty of reason to believe that this tech will appear in 2016’s iPhone 7.

For one, Apple has already made its iPhone 6s largely waterproof, even if it won’t say as much.

iphone waterproof

Tests have shown that particular handset surviving an hour of immersion, with components protected by specially designed gaskets and plastic–based materials.

Moreover, leaks about Apple’s plans for rejigging the iPhone’s design give stories around this patent more credence.

A recent story from Apple’s supply chain suggested that it was planning on getting rid of the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack, supplying ear buds which use the same Lightning connector as the device’s charger.

That would mean the iPhone 7 only has one main port.

touch id iphone 6

There are also claims that Jonathan Ive is looking to incorporate the Touch ID home button into the screen.

That would mark a major departure but again make it easier for Apple to offer complete waterproofing.

Either way, it appears that protecting the iPhone from spillages is becoming top priority for Apple.

It’s certainly long overdue, especially as the likes of Sony have been doing it well for ages.

The inclusion of such tech clearly points to the iPhone 7 featuring a radical departure in design terms from its predecessors.

Apple Store black and white

That’s much–needed if Apple is to enjoy even more success with its bestselling product.

The iPhone 7 will see Apple through its tenth year of the device. Adding waterproof smarts will round off a package that already promises much.

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