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  5. iD Mobile now allows customers to roll over unused data for free

iD Mobile now allows customers to roll over unused data for free

iD Mobile now allows customers to roll over unused data for free

iD Mobile customers left with unused data allowance at the end of the month can now roll it over to the next month for no extra charge, ending the days of networks ‘use-it-lose-it’ approach to monthly tariffs.

Under the terms of what iD dubs the Data Rollover offer, all new and existing iD customers on its 12 or 24-month GoTo plans or on a one-month GoTo SIM-Only plan can roll over any data they don’t use to the following month.

And they don’t need to do anything or get in touch with iD Mobile to make it happen either. Instead the data is rolled over automatically on the first day of customers’ billing period.

According to iD, the offer is the UK’s only data-rollover scheme that’s completely free to customers.

Adam Dunlop, General Manager at iD, said: “We’ve listened to our customers who have told us they want more control over the data they use, so we’re giving them the flexibility to use data they might not use in any given month at no extra charge.

“Data is one of the key considerations when choosing the right plan to suit your lifestyle, and we know data usage can vary from month to month, and can often result in higher monthly charges.

“This is why we’ve introduced Data Rollover, to give our customers more control over their plans and better value for money.”

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: “Given that we spend £885million on out-of-tariff mobile charges every year, you can see the appeal of rollover data.

“Almost a quarter of Brits regularly exceed their data allowances, each paying an extra £91.20 per year so – for that 23% of mobile customers – iD allowing people to set aside spare gigabytes could be genuinely useful.

"Remember that it only rolls over for one month before expiring, and doesn’t accumulate over the whole 12 or 24-month contract, so you still need to keep an eye on your bills.

“However, while this feature is useful for the odd data-heavy month, people who find themselves going over their limits more regularly are simply on the wrong tariff for their needs."

iD is a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse. Its other major selling point are its cheap 4G plans and ShockProof capped tariffs that are intended to guard against bill shocks.

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