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Facebook Messenger gets ChatBot support

Facebook Messenger gets ChatBot support

Facebook Messenger now has a new tool which will allow you to interact with so–called ChatBots, which are designed to do everything from tell you the latest headlines to help you buy goods without having to use traditional online tools.

Bots for Messenger was revealed at the company’s annual F8 event last night. The idea is simple: Facebook wants users to stay within Messenger rather than using apps to get information.

That means a new search tool bar at the top of Messenger will give users the chance to search for bots they want to use or check out Facebook’s own suggestions.

The overall idea is to make it easier for businesses and institutions to interact with customers without always needing a human at the other end.

The social network showed off a CNN bot which delivered messages about the latest news, as well as one which lets users order flowers by simply interacting with a company’s bot.

Facebook execs at F8 also demonstrated an interactive weather tool called Poncho and another which helped a user buy a new pair of shoes.

Bots for Messenger is available now but is still in beta. The main thing to know is that if you use Facebook Messenger you can block bot messages at any time, so once ads and sponsored posts arrive, you don’t need to put up with them.



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