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  5. iPhone 7 blueprints show dual camera and no headphone port

iPhone 7 blueprints show dual camera and no headphone port

Is this how the next iPhone will look?
iphone 7 concept hero image

We've heard numerous times that the iPhone 7 will have a dual rear camera and dispense with a headphone jack to allow Apple to make this year's model slimmer than ever. Now someone has mocked up blueprints that show how that combination could look.

Japanese magazine Mac Fan has knocked up the blueprints, based on the rumours circulating around the internet. They show a handset that looks strikingly similar to the iPhone 6S, but with the two notable differences: two camera lenses on the back, and no 3.5mm headphone port.

iPhone 7 schematics Mac Fan

The advantage of having two rear cameras is that you can have an optical zoom without any moving parts. The dual camera set-up will also make for better noise reduction, so your low-light snaps won't look fuzzy.

If Apple does drop the headphone port, it'll mean you'll have to connect your headphones via its Lightning port, or wirelessly over Bluetooth. Which, for a lot of iPhone-owners, will mean buying a new set of headphones.

People are understandably upset about this, and have already come up with a petition to try and stop it happening.

The iPhone 7 is expected to launch in September. Apple announced yesterday that iPhone sales fell in the last quarter for the first time ever, so much rides on 2017's edition.


Mac Fan, via 9to5Mac

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