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  5. OnePlus 3 available on June 14th without need for invite

OnePlus 3 available on June 14th without need for invite

OnePlus stops using invite-only system in bid to boost sales.
OnePlus 2

The upcoming OnePlus 3 will be made available to all comers on June 14th, after the independent smartphone-maker announced it is ditching its much–maligned invite–only system.

Until now, anyone who has wanted to buy a OnePlus 1 or One Plus 2 has had to get hold of an invitation.

This often meant having to enter competitions on social media or tracking down friends who already own a OnePlus device and asking for an endorsement.

Now though, that system is over. In a statement on the OnePlus website, CEO Carl Pei said: “We’re releasing the OnePlus 3 invite-free, right from launch day.

"In addition, invites are gone forever from future OnePlus product launches.”

Pei defended the invitation-only sales model, saying it meant that the company had not grown too quickly and avoided making too many devices that it was unable to sell.

However, demand for the OnePlus 3 is likely to be so big that the handset-manufacturer has changed tack.

The new phone will be unveiled on the same day it goes on sale.

The device is set to feature the latest Android software as well as an improved camera and 5.5–inch AMOLED screen.



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