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iPhone 2017: No home button for next–generation iPhone

iphone 7 curved concept

Next year’s iPhone will not feature a home button, as Apple looks to radically reshape its bestselling smartphone to celebrate the device’s ten-year anniversary.

According to inside sources speaking anonymously with Bloomberg, the change is intended to allow greater focus on the phone’s screen.

Similar rumours have emerged in the past, but never from such a high-ranking news organisation.

2017’s iPhone is expected to come with a curved display and a home button built into the display, as Apple looks to shake up a product which is beginning to look dated compared with rival handsets from Samsung and LG.

In the meantime, the company’s impending iPhone 7 is said to feature new contactless technology aimed only at Japanese consumers.

FeliCa, Japan’s version of the NFC technology used to make payments here in the UK, will let consumers tap in and out on public transport and make faster payments via Apple’s wallet app.

The iPhone 7 is set to launch at the start of September.

It's not yet clear when its overhauled successor will be revealed, but expect plenty of gossip about that device as the year goes on.

Source Bloomberg

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