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iPhone 7 second speaker may just be cosmetic

iPhone charging lightning connector dock

The second speaker on Apple’s iPhone 7 may not actually work and could have been added to give the handset greater cosmetic appeal, it has emerged.

Newly leaked blueprints of the forthcoming smartphone appear to show that the speaker will work as a microphone. That means sound output is unlikely to be much louder on the new handset.

This could be prove to be a controversial move, as the second speaker is taking the place of the soon-to-ditched standard 3.5mm headphone slot in the iPhone 7.

If Apple is merely adding a speaker grille to boost its cosmetic appeal rather than to improve the phone’s technical smarts, consumers are likely to be unimpressed.

300,000 people have signed a petition asking Apple to keep the headphone slot. And earlier this month Samsung baited Apple at the launch of its Galaxy Note 7, dismissing the California-based company's plans to get rid of a feature that's found in every major smartphone and tablet.

The iPhone 7 is due to launch at the start of September.


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