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  5. iPhone 7 video suggests we're in line for three variants

iPhone 7 video suggests we're in line for three variants


Apple may be working on three versions of its forthcoming iPhone 7, after a video emerged showing off a smaller 4.7–inch model alongside two 5.5–inch editions.

The latter pair may end up being sold as the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. Previous rumours suggested that the former will come with a dual lens camera and smart connector for adding accessories and a wireless charging mat.

The Pro will apparently feature the same standard features as the regular iPhone 7.

This latest clip, however, shows the iPhone 7 Pro without a Smart Connector. Either Apple is planning on ditching the tech for that device or the dummy model in the clip is outdated.

Launching a ‘Pro’ edition would allow Apple to counter claims that it is focusing on next year’s iPhone update at a time when it is widely expected 2016’s models will be little more than minor bumps on previous products.

While the camera on all new iPhones is set to improve, the lack of a headphone slot or any major new hardware smarts is likely to leave sales struggling.

Apple is also facing stiffer competition in the shape of the just-announced and warmly received Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The iPhone 7 is due to launch around September 9th.

Source TechTastic

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