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LG G5 gets Android Nougat update


LG has confirmed it's rolling out Google’s new Android Nougat software to its top–end G5 smartphone.

However, the mobile-maker is only doing so in its home country of Korea, and even then just 2,000 customers will be allowed to trial the update.

Users will need the OS Preview app from Google Play in order to access the software.

LG has not said when it will be offering Android Nougat globally, or whether it will update older devices with the very latest edition of Google’s platform.

It comes as Google is stepping up its drive to try and force manufacturers to offer the update to Android owners no matter which handset they own.

Google is even reportedly planning its own-brand handset, beyond its existing Nexus range, to try and show its partners how an Android phone should look.

For now, it seems the first phones to officially get Android Nougat, with its battery boosting skills and tweaked design, will, be Google’s current Nexus lineup.

That launch is not expected until much later in 2016.

Source Droid Life

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