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  5. Apple Watch Nike+ is a smartwatch made for running

Apple Watch Nike+ is a smartwatch made for running

Apple Watch Nike+

Apple unveiled a special Nike edition of the new Apple Watch at last night's iPhone 7 launch. Called the Apple Watch Nike +, it's made especially with runners in mind.

So what's different? For starters, it features a new perforated strap made from the same flexible fluoroelastomer as the original Apple Watch Sport Band. But because it's perforated, it'll be more ventilated, so will be more comfortable when you're all sweaty.

The strap comes in four two-tone colour combinations that are exclusive to the Nike+ model.

Apple Watch Nike

It also has two exclusive Nike watch faces that can be personalised with features such as the activity rings (that featured on the first Apple Watch), heart rate, stopwatch and weather.

Just choose whatever information is most relevant to you, and you can see it at a glance.

The Nike+ Run Club app comes built in, and starts with one tap of the watch face. Every day, it asks you the question: "Are we running today?" to get you motivated. It'll also serve up challenges from friends, and alerts when the weather is perfect for a run.

Rounding off its differentiators are exclusive Siri commands, coaching plans that adapt to your schedule, and guidance from the world's best coaches and athletes too.

Other than that, it's got the same functionality as the Apple Watch Series 2.

That means built-in GPS so you can track your run while leaving your phone at home, a screen that's twice as bright as the previous model, water-resistance to 50m, a dual-core processor and all-new watchOS 3 software.

Prices start at £399. You can pre-order the Apple Watch Nike+ from tomorrow, but shipping won't start until late October.

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