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  5. Google Maps update could help you get from A to B faster

Google Maps update could help you get from A to B faster

google maps beam large

A small change to Google Maps could make it much easier to get from A to B when you’re in an unfamiliar town or city.

Until now, the blue navigational arrow on Google Maps has provided a basic, if sometimes inaccurate way of checking whether you’re going in the right direction.

Now, Google has change the arrow to a blue beam showing the correct way to your destination. The wider the beam, the less accurate it is, meaning your phone is likely having problems getting a solid GPS signal.

Google says you can fix this by holding your device in the air and drawing a figure of eight with it. Strange sure, but an amusing fix nonetheless.

When the beam narrows down, it means Google Maps has found a stronger lock and is sending you the right way.

This small tweak is likely to be a boon for those who get lost or find Google Maps sometimes can’t work out which way it’s going.

At the moment the update is only available for Android. There’s no word on when iOS will be getting the change, but expect Google to roll it out soon.

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