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  5. Google Pixel phones won't be water resistant

Google Pixel phones won't be water resistant

Google pixel leak sailfish

Google’s forthcoming Pixel smartphones will not be water resistant, it appears, bucking a growing trend among new, high-end smartphones.

According to sources cited by Android Police, the soon-to-launch handsets which are being made for Google by HTC, will feature an IP53 rating.

This means that they can withstand light rainfall. But won't handle being submerged for long periods and could well sustain serious damage if you spill your drink.

Google is set to officially unveil both new phones at a special event on October 4th.

The smaller, 5–inch phone will be known simply as Pixel, while the larger 5.5–inch effort will be dubbed Pixel XL.

Little else is known about the devices, although previous rumours have pointed towards Google offering an improved version of its Android software which will not be available to manufacturers such as Samsung and LG.

However, a lack of waterproofing may well put off consumers who have become accustomed to such features in recent years.


Android Police

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