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  5. Samsung starts replacing faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets early

Samsung starts replacing faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets early


Samsung has started exchanging customers' faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets a few days before it said it would.

According to reports, customers who pre-ordered their devices from Carphone Warehouse and O2 have already started receiving their replacement handsets. Samsung's exchange programme isn't supposed to start until Monday.

In an email to a customer called Martin Rowberry, Carphone Warehouse said it received the new handsets from Samsung on September 9th, and had dispatched them to stores "at the first opportunity for customer exchanges."

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire 2

The devices are "from new stock and manufactured in a different location to the plant which was behind the battery cell issues," the email states.

Rowberry returned his faulty Note 7, and then received a call when the replacement had arrived. However, it didn't come with a box, it was just the handset on its own.

In a statement, Carphone said current replacement stock is "limited", and that Samsung is looking to supply new stock "in the coming days and weeks".

Customers can loan a Galaxy S6 until their new Note 7 arrives.

The Galaxy Note 7 was withdrawn from sale following numerous cases of the handset catching fire. The recall is thought to have cost Samsung $26 billion so far.


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