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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned from flights in US, Asia and Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned from flights in US, Asia and Europe

samsung galaxy note 7 with box

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 woes show no sign of abating, after airlines and aviation authorities across the globe said they were banning the device from all flights due to safety concerns.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration said that it is now a crime to bring the device onto a plane, whether in the hold or in carry–on luggage.

Anyone who does so could be liable to prosecution, a fine and up to ten years in prison.

The move by US authorities, which comes after high-profile reports of Note 7 phones overheating and exploding, has prompted airlines around the world to ban the device.

Galaxy Note 7 southwest airlines

Major operators including Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Air Berlin have said that passengers must not bring the phone on board.

Virgin Australia is even telling owners not to bring their handset to airports.

It’s unlikely many people will be affected by the ban, with Samsung recalling all 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units last week.

The Korean tech giant issued special gloves and fireproof boxes to owners and is offering credit to US consumers who want to exchange their faulty smartphone for a new one.

Samsung revealed last week that it expects to lose as much as £2.5 billion owing to problems with the Galaxy Note 7's battery.



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