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  5. Three calls on Ofcom to curb BT’s mobile dominance

Three calls on Ofcom to curb BT’s mobile dominance

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Three has teamed up with a number of other key mobile industry players in a bid to cap the amount of mobile spectrum networks can own.

Thanks to its merger with EE, BT now owns a massive 42% of the spectrum, something which Three says is hindering competition.

Along with TalkTalk, CityFibre and the Federation of Communication Services, it’s launched the Make Air Fair Campaign, demanding Ofcom cap spectrum ownership at 30%.

Currently, Vodafone owns 29% of the spectrum, with Three owning 15% and O2 holding the remaining 14%. Three claims that in the developed world only Malaysia and Thailand have a worse imbalance.

With the auction of the UK’s 5G spectrum due to take place in 2017, Three has raised concerns that BT could end up owning as much as 80% of the spectrum. It says this could lead to price rises for consumers.

YouGov research shows that 65% of UK consumers want a cap on how much any one company can own of a public service.

Three’s CEO Dave Dyson said: “Spectrum is a national asset that should benefit every citizen. 

"If it’s all controlled by one or two massive businesses then you can’t have effective competition and everyone loses out. 

"This is the moment for the British public to stand up and fight for real choice and better mobile services.”

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