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  5. Apple releases iOS 10.2 for iPhone and iPad

Apple releases iOS 10.2 for iPhone and iPad

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Apple has released its newest version of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad. iOS 10.2, which has been in testing with developers and those on Apple’s beta programme since October, comes with raft of small changes.

The biggest tweak centres on new emoji. Apple has included 100 new characters that can be added to messages, including avocado, selfie and face palm.

The Photos app will now have faster frame rates for Live Photos and better group shot accuracy. There are also big fixes to prevent the zoom staying zoomed in and the Memories function from categorising shots of functional objects as a memory. So, photos of receipts and booking confirmations won't appear in Memories alongside your holiday snaps.

There are notifications for Apple’s HomeKit tool, a new TV app for checking what’s on the box. There's also a fix for FaceTime after the video calling app began appearing blurry and in the wrong aspect ratio.

There is no word, however, on whether Apple has fixed an iPhone 7 phone app snafu, which has seen users unable to make calls with their new smartphone.

iOS 10.2 is available as an over-the-air download now.

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