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  5. New iOS 11 feature will protect your personal information

New iOS 11 feature will protect your personal information

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A new feature in Apple’s iOS software looks set to stop scammers in their tracks and protect iPhone users’ personal information.

iOS 11.3, which Apple has just detailed ahead of a planned spring launch, will come with a special privacy icon.

This will pop up whenever an official Apple “ or feature is asking to use your personal information", such as bank details or Apple ID information.

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The idea seems to be centred around concerns that hackers could compromise users’ personal information, with the icon giving added peace of mind.

It’s likely to appear at the top of an iPhone whenever personal information is being sent.

Earlier this month Apple released an update for iOS 11 designed to limit the effects of Meltdown and Spectre, two major security flaws that were found to attack all known computing devices.

iOS 11.3 also includes Apple’s long–awaited battery health indicators, with the option for users to switch off power management tools within the Settings app. Doing so will see performance levels maintained, but may see batteries die faster.


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