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Samsung Galaxy S10 to debut the in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8 hero image

We heard yesterday that the Galaxy Note 9 won’t have the fingerprint sensor built into the screen, as many were expecting. Now a new rumour says that feature will debut on the Samsung Galaxy S10 instead.

A fingerprint sensor built into the screen would be quite a feat of engineering. Instead of a physical button, like the home button, the fingerprint sensor would be embedded in the screen, with no noticeable bulge. In order to unlock the device, or authenticate payments, you would press your finger on that section of the screen.

It’s the next progression of the fingerprint sensor, seeing as most phones’ screens take up the entire front of the handset.

Samsung’s phones have so far featured the sensor on the back of the device, though some users find this unwieldy.

The feature was rumoured to debut on the iPhone X, but didn’t. Instead, Apple left off fingerprint authentication altogether, in favour of Face ID, which unlocks the device using facial recognition.

Samsung was thought to beat Apple to the punch, and launch the feature on the Galaxy Note 9, which is due to be announced around August/September. But according to a report from Chosun Economy, from Samsung’s native South Korea, we’ll have to wait until the Galaxy S10, which won’t be announced until around March next year.

Samsung has reportedly told its suppliers that it won’t need the in-screen fingerprint sensor until the S10 launch next year.

Source: Chosen Economy

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